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Method and attention of field calibration of electromagnetic flowmeter

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The World Market for Magnetic Flowmeters,  7th Edition

Flow Research is excited to announce a new market study  on the worldwide magnetic flowmeter market called The  World Market for Magnetic Flowmeters, 7thEdition. The  study determines the size of the worldwide market in 2019 and  2020, forecasts the market through 2024, covers a variety of  market segments, and provides market shares of the major  suppliers.  Rationale for Study  Magnetic flowmeters, first commercially produced in the  1950s, now generate more revenues worldwide than any other  type of flowmeter. More than 60 suppliers worldwide now  offer magnetic flowmeters for sale. Magmeters, as they are also known, are among the most widely  used types of flowmeters for measuring the flow of water and other liquids. Over 40 percent of their  revenues are from the Water & Wastewater and Chemical industries. Magnetic flowmeters are used  to measure the flow of conductive liquids and slurries, including paper pulp slurries and black liquor.  Magnetic flowmeters are also widely used in the Food & Beverage and (Bio)Pharmaceutical  industries where their hygienic liners help meet strict sanitary requirements.  We believe that this has been an optimal time to accurately quantify the size and growth of this  flowmeter technology, and to provide a comprehensive view of its expanding market. Our user  interviews show that interest in magnetic flowmeters remains at a very high level.  This study has achieved the following important objectives:   Determines the regional and worldwide market size in US dollars and unit volumes for  magnetic flowmeters in 2019 and 2020   Forecasts market growth for magnetic flowmeters in dollars and unit volumes through 2024   Determines worldwide and regional market shares of the leading suppliers of magnetic  flowmeters   Analyzes products from all of the significant suppliers selling into the magnetic flowmeter  market   Identifies the industries and applications where magnetic flowmeters are used   Identifies market growth sectors   Offers market and product strategies for magnetic flowmeter suppliers   Profiles all of the significant suppliers of magnetic flowmeters worldwide